Presentation of the Thermal – Health Industrial Cluster

The Northern Great Plain Thermal Cluster Association was founded in 2005 with 18 founding members. The association was established for the cooperation of concerned members of the sector in thermal and health tourism like natural persons, legal persons and companies without legal personality.

Its main goal is to facilitate the development of thermal- health tourism in the Northern- Great Plain Region with active participation of stakeholders, furthermore the association wishes to help the members of thermal- health tourism with proposals and initiatives.

For this reason the cluster operates informational and check up panel discussions, prepares position papers to solve thermal policy issues and assists in the coordination of tourism related development tasks.



Besides the regular exchanges of experience meetings and study tours, there is a wide variety of common publications and promotional materials, moreover the company takes part in organization of professional and further trainings serving the important objective to expand the local tourism supply as a result of the activities of the cluster. Also our priority role is to call for dialogue all members of the sector, national and international organizations, institutions, associations, governments and business enterprises interested in the activity. The cluster has won several national and international projects in the recent years partly as a project partner, partly as a senior partner. In order to assist our members and provision of effective services some of these funds we used for professional development and building our management organization. Numerous projects provided resources for the implementation of various commitments of our members.



In 2013 a unique initiative began and the Northern Great Plain Cluster fused with the Thermal – Health Industrial Cluster. Given that the activities of these two clusters of the region were increasingly converging the thought of creating a single cluster formulated in the minds of the executives of management organizations and the representatives of dominant firms. Thus, the two, both known and recognized on its field clusters were united. The cluster priorities which were focused on the same region, now they have a role in a dominant cluster of the region, complementing and helping each other in the new collaboration. The target has become common creating a unified framework for both tourism related and health industrial, as well as eco-friendly ideas. In the Regional Development Plan (for 2014 - 2020) belonging to the catchment area of our members one of the key strategic area is to evolve vital cities and settlements. In relation with the strategic area the goal is to provide high value-added investments and to create Research & Development Centers in the key sectors connected to thermal, health industrial, healthy food and environmental protection- development of alternative geothermal methods- topics. The objectives of the Thermal- Health Industrial cluster for the upcoming years were developed to fit the mentioned strategy, which is based on the thermal and health tourism, thermal water as a renewable energy and research and development related to the thermal water.


Serving the ideas of the next few years the development started among our members, scanned the facility expansion and service providing sides as well. Nowadays the development of thermal water related services are made with the consideration of health tourism targets. In order to increase tourist traffic in the area is definitely a priority to develop medical and health services which means standards also among the international medical tourists. Simultaneously the development of quality of accommodation and infrastructure is also part of vision of future of the region.

 By the fusion with the Thermal – Health Industrial Cluster, and by the recognition of many that true success can be achieved through joint action, in 2014 the number of members increased to 47. Among the members of the cluster there are small and medium enterprises, councils, firms owned by the council as well as service providing companies which on the one hand assist the work and enforcement of the cluster, on the other hand enhance environmental awareness.

In December 2013 the Thermal-Health Industrial Cluster applied for the title of „Accredited Innovation Cluster” within the framework of the New Széchenyi Plan (NSzP) and in March 2015 the cluster was awarded with it.

The goal of our cluster for the 2014-2020 period is to take part in national and international projects with which the cluster would be able to implement the contents of the strategy of 2013 drafted and adopted by our members, furthermore to bring off continuous developments among cluster members and in the development of the management organization.


Presentation of the SPA Cluster Ltd.

The SPA Cluster Ltd. is the management organization of the Thermal – Health Industrial Cluster. The cluster was founded in 2005 with 18 founding members. The with the management tasks of the cluster since 2009 and now it has almost 50 partners. The members are typically companies, organizations, baths connected to health and medical tourism. The main goal of the cluster is to facilitate the development of health and medical tourism of the region with active participation of stakeholders, furthermore to help participants with initiatives and proposals. For this reason the cluster operates informational and check up panel discussions, prepares position papers to solve thermal policy issues and assists in the coordination of tourism related development tasks. In addition our cluster plays an important role in research studies in medical and other fields based on thermal water, in collaboration with the region’s prominent institution, the University of Debrecen. The third pillar of the thermal cluster is the utilization of thermal water, as renewable energy resource, results of researches of thermal water, presentation and utilization of good examples, exploration and development of new opportunities.