When Thermal – Health Industrial Cluster Association was formed, thermal water was primarily utilized with tourism and medical purposes. Geothermal energy utilization was occurred in the last few years. Some new cooperation activity of the cluster created opportunities for our cluster members to utilise thermal water as renewable energy resource. Furthermore the University of Debrecen as a cluster member and some other members whose main profile is environment protection, suggested to work on thermal water utilisation and research and development related projects in coorporation. The development and implementation of these projects is in progress in these days.

The heat of the ground and thermal water so geothermal energy is a very reliable energy resource which can be used for electricity and heating systems operation as well. Baths among our cluster members and facilities connected to them utilise thermal water only for medical purposes although the available thermal water amount could be used in a so called cascade system, on the field of energetics and/ or agriculture as well.

Geothermal energy is not an alternative but an additive energy resource which means that it could be used together or supplemented with fossil fuels. It is also one of the cheapest, most economically exploitable source of energy. In this view the characteristics of geothermal energy in the region is excellent. The reason of this fact is that in the Carpathian Basin sedimentary rocks dominate and Earth’s crust is thinner than the average in our country.

Thermal wells of the northern great plain region contain a reasonable amount of methane (CH4), which allows an additional power consumption. As a greenhouse gas being released into the environment should be avoided. Practical way of utilisation would be to burn it in gas engines to produce electricity. This process also forms greenhouse flue gasses, mainly CO2, NOx, CO etc, which can be perfectly utilised as well.

According to the above – mentioned facts thermal water as renewable energy resource has several utilisation ways in the region but numerous untapped areas can exists as well which could be developed and later implemented with foreign partners in national and international cooperation.

Our goal is to present as much suggestions, opportunities, solutions, good examples to our members to help their economical or even profitable operation and to form a new sustainable and environmental friendly view besides energy-focused thinking.

We wish to achieve all this in order to protect the Earth taking into account all environmental directives, norms, rules and laws, alone and in cooperation as well.