Arbo Invest Ltd.

Name: ARBO Intevst Ltd.

Address: H- 4031, Debrecen Köntösgát sor 8.

Phone: +36 52 531-848

       +36 20 429 48 78

Fax: +36 52 531-843


General Information:

Arbo Invest Ltd. was founded on 25 September 2008. Its main activity is „Organization of Building Constraction Projects. The professional background and know-how are provided by professionals with several decades of experiences who belong to our partner companies.

Its additional activities are Building Operation, Storage, Steam Supplies, AC, Immovable letting and operation, Forestry Services, Small and Medium Trade of different products.Its current seat can be found in Budapest.

In 2010 two thermal water wells were made with the support of The Operational Programmes of The New Hungary Development Plan in the company’s area which is located in the periphery of Debrecen. The geothermal energy of the wells can be used for heating during the winter and producing hot water all the year round. It is not beside the point with this technology that it is environmentally friendly.

The owners of Erdőspuszta Club Hotel****- which can be found 1 km far from the comany’s site- gave place for the producing well of the facility, in addition for the connecting technologies. The water of one of the two wells got declared as thermal water as the result of a two years long procession.