Cserkeszőlő Bath and Medical Center

Name: Cserkeszőlő Bath and Medical Center

Operator: Cserkeszőlő Bath and Medical Center

Address: H-5465 Cserkeszőlő Fürdő street 25.

GPS coordinates: N 46.86513 E 20.20464 (main entrance)

Phone:  +36 56/568-465

Fax: + 36 56/568-465

E-mail: info@cserkeszolo.hu

Web: www.cserkeszolofurdo.hu

Opening hours:  1/10-30/4: 8:00-20:00

                           1/05-30/09: 7:30-20:00.

Opening hours can change on weekends and holidays.

 General information:

Cserkeszőlő is the most dynamic developing bath in the southern part of Northern Great Plain region and Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County. The town is located in the natural environment between river Kőrös and river Tisza. You can reach the town on the M5 highway from Budapest, direction Kecskemét. Development of the local bath is one of the most important strategies of Cserkeszőlő, that is why our bath has become nationally and internationally well-known in the last few years. 

Therapeutic effect:

Thanks to the high alkali chloride and bicarbonate content of the mineral water it has numerous very positive impacts on health issues. Due to the benefits of the water is very effective cure for chronic rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases and gynecological problems as well. 

Service description: 

The bath is located in 5 hectar territory with 9 pools, its own restaurant, sandy footballgound and playground. 

In the covered three-floored bath complex 10 pools and a sauna world are waiting for our guests who would like to relax/heal.

Our Medical Center’s facilities: curative treatments supported by social insurance, special mecial examinations without waiting time, curative shop, curative salty room, krio sauna.

Nearby accommodation:

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Nearby sights:

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Cserkeszőlő; Tiszakürti Arboretum, Szarvasi Arboretum, Kunszentmárton Local History Museum, Tiszazugi Geography Museum

Cserkeszőlő Bath and Medical Center | Thermal - Health Industrial Cluster Association

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