Hajdú-Bihar County Development Agency Non-Profit Ltd.

Address: H- 4024 Debrecen Piac u. 54.

Phone: +36 52/507-539

Fax:  + 36 52/457-082

E-mail: fejlesztes@hbmo.hu

Web: www.hbmfejlesztes.hu

Mailing Address: 4002 Debrecen Pf.: 78.

Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 08:00 - 16:00

                          Friday: 08:00 - 13:30

General Information:

Our agency is a business organization of Hajdú-Bihar County Government, before a work organization of Hajdú-Bihar Development Council, runs a complex activity in connection with the development of the county. These activities are/were: Implementation of I. National Development Plan and preparation of the New Hungary Development Plan, monitoring of allocation of Northern – Great Plain Regional Development Council resources, management of decentralized tenders for city governments of Hajdú-Bihar County Development Council. Besides of all these activities we also do preparation of national and EU tenders, project management, organization of professional conferences and other events, after- treatment of contracts, tenders and preparation of impact studies, business plans and feasibility.

Preparing for the available resources int he period between 2014-2020 we take part in the development of project proposals together with INNOVA Non-profit Ltd.

We hope that our work will help the social and economical development of the county.

Service Description:

  • Preparation and realization of EU and national tenders, project management
  • Concultancy of  public purchase for local governments and companies.
  • Preparation of regional development plans
  • Organization of conferences relating to regional development