Hajdúböszörmény City Management Ltd. - Bocskai Thermal Bath

Name: Bocskai Thermal Bath

Operator: Hajdúböszörmény City Management Ltd.

Address: H-4220 Hajdúböszörmény Radnóti Miklós street 1.

GPS coordinates: N 47° 40,949’  E 21° 30,060’

Phone: +36 52/371-622

Fax: +36 52/371-978

E-mail: bocskaitermal@gmail.com

Web: www.bocskaitermal.hu

Opening hours: everyday 06:00- 08:00 and 09:00-20:00

General information

We are waiting for our guests in a calm, familiar environment. Besides thermal pools with diffrent adventures such as neck shower, back massage, jakuzzi, infinity sport swimming pool and childrens' pool with slides offer relax, sport and fun at the same time.

Therapeutic effect:

Our thermal water contains hydrogen carbonate, iodine, fluoride and bromide. The water is excellent for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, degenerative joint disease. It is perfect for accident treatment and gynecological treatments as well.

Service description:

The bath is waiting for the visitors with swimming pool, thermal water pools with slides and adventures, beach football and beach volleyball ground. In the covered are thermal water pools, sauna, steam room provid relaxation for the guests. In the medical center there are effervescent bath, mud-pack, phyisical therapy, thermal water bath, medical therapist massage, under watered- spout massage and weight bath attending on our guests.

Nearby accomodations: 

Castrum Thermal Camping and Apartman can be found in the neightbourhood of the bath. 8 apartmans can be found in the territory of the bath.

Nearby sights:

The forum with fountain, Hajdú Museum, Ruins of  Zelemér Church, Greek catholic church, open air museum