Hajdúnánás City Council-Hajdúnánás Therapeutic Bath and Golden Straw Medical Center

Name: Hajdúnánás Therapeutic Bath and Golden Straw Medical Center

Operator: Hajdúnánás City Council

Phone: +3652/381-858, + 3652/381-806, + 3630/503-0244.

Address: H- 4080, Hajdúnánás Fürdő street 7.

E-mail: info@nanasfurdo.hu

Web: www.nanasfurdo.hu

Opening hours: every day 8.00-20.00


General Information:

The Hajdúnánás Therapeutic Bath is one of the most popular bath of the region, which provides relaxation, fun and healing for the visitors with pools of diffrent water temperatures and diffrent water composation. The open air bath is situated on 14 acres of land in a green zone. The bath with its swimming pool, therapeutic pools, fun pool, kids’ pool and slides is the most significant touristic attraction in Hajdúnánás. We try to meet every need with our accomodation offers. Wooden houses, therapeutic rooms, thermal B&B, and totally renewed rooms of Crown House offers comfortable and relaxing accommodation during ones’ stay. For the lovers of sauna a complex sauna park was created, where steam room, infra sauna and two Finnishe saunas are waiting for our guests.

Therapeutic effect:

The thermal water of Hajdúnánás Therapeutic Bath is primarily used to treat arthritis, musculoskeletal and gynecological diseases. Various therapeutic, spa treatments in the spa are also available, for example: massages, underwater jet massage, mud therapy and physiotherapy.

Nearby Accommodation:

In the territory of the bath we manage more different accommodations. In the Crown House 50 guests can stay at the same time in standard double rooms with TVand shower room. Inside of the building a commune hall- for 50 persons- was created with modern equipment which is excellent for incentive trainings. We provid a culinary experience with home-cooked flavours, rich selection of dishes and polite service.

The air-conditioned double and three-bedded rooms with TV mean real comfort for our guests.

We manage wooden houses of four or five- bedded rooms for the guests who prefers the simplicity.

Our guests also can find for their stay the newly built camping of European standards. We are waiting for our guest with tents and caravans as well.

Nearby sights:

We oraganize different folkish programs for the lovers of rural traditions. ( Introducion of autochthanal animals, horse carriage, performance of „csikós”, shepherd dishes, pálinka and vine tasting)

  • Protestant church from the end of the 18. century 
  • Forum, City hall, Kossuth and Bocskai statue, open air stage
  • Culter Center of the City
  • Hajdúság Folk Museum: from the end of the 19. century 
  • Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Highschools’ building
  • Gingko