Hotel Apollo Ltd- Hunguest Hotel Spring***

Name: Hunguest Hotel Thermal Spring***

Operator: Hotel Apollo Ltd.

Adress: H- 4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Mátyás király walk 21.

GPS Coordinates:  47.45337 21.40522

Phone: + 36 52/362-144

Fax: + 36 52/557-080



Opening hours: All year around

General Information:

 Our Guests can recuperate and recreate in a quiet, restful environment if they visit Hotel Thermal Spring located in Sunshine Town. We await you with comfortable rooms and skilled and friendly staff at our hotel if you would like to either relax or recuperate. A wide range of medicinal services, fine foods and a pleasant environment will refresh both your body and soul. 

Hunguest Hotel Thermal Spring is located in the heart of Hajdúszoboszló. We await our Guests who wish to recuperate and be refreshed in a restful environment, with excellent treatments and massages, so they can return home from their holidays with pleasant memories and feeling renewed.

Our Guests’ carefree recreation and comfort are ensured by our services, programmes and hotel employees, thus they can enjoy our hospitality and care throughout their holidays. Do not hesitate to contact us with any question or request. 

As a nature friendly hotel, we do not only pay attention to the needs of our Guests, but also bear in mind environmental considerations. Therefore, some of the energy demand of our hotel is met by means of solar collectors.

Service description: 

Therapy and Spa

Recuperate in the Mecca of Rheumatics

Located in Hajdúszoboszló, the Mecca of rheumatics, our hotel awaits its Guests who wish to recuperate with various medicinal services. They can choose from treatments, massages and gymnastic exercises according to their health problems, which our Guests can use at a discount upon presenting their social insurance card. (You can also inquire about the treatments available at a discount and their prices upon your arrival at our hotel or by telephone.)

You can try a bath course in a section of our hotel established for this purpose. You can also choose from our outdoor and indoor pools, including an indoor thermal pool with a temperature of 36oC, an outdoor* thermal pool with a temperature of 32oC, a 25-metre outdoor swimming pool, a whirlpool bath and a children’s pool. After the treatments, you can also use our sauna and solarium. 

At our Medicinal Centre, you can choose from the following medicinal treatments:

  • medical massage
  • refreshing massage
  • remedial gymnastics
  • underwater gymnastics
  • underwater water jet massage
  • mud pack
  • electrotherapy

These treatments and bath courses have a therapeutic effect on arthritis, the various inflammatory diseases of the spine, post-operation and post-fracture conditions, sports injuries, and also have a beneficial effect on our Guests with gynaecological diseases (e.g., infertility).

The medicinal treatments may have a beneficial effect on different areas and diseases, so it is worth inquiring about them appropriately. Rheumatic consultation is also available to our Guests at Hotel Thermal Spring to receive an appropriate treatment. 

At our hotel, the various treatments are available to our Guests under the supervision of rheumatologists, at discount prices upon presenting their social insurance card. 

During their holidays, our Guests may also visit the Hajdúszoboszló Spa, which is located just a few steps from the hotel. 
In addition to recuperating, you may get unforgettable experience. With some of our packages, we will give you a single admission ticket to the Aqua Palace indoor aquatic park, where you can try, among 20 pools, an ice cave bath, a tropical bath and a Roman bath, among others.

In the summer heat, you can also refresh yourself at an open-air swimming pool complex or in the Aqua Park with slides, where a sandy beach and palm trees beside a huge waving pool provide a seaside experience.

Nearby bathes:

City Bath, Thermal Bath, Aqua Palace Indoor Aquatic Park, Aquapark

Nearby sights:

Bell house, Pottery house, Protestant church, rampart and concer tower, Squirrel Adventure Park, Bocskai István museum

Our guests can take part in several events, and programs during their staying in Hajdúszoboszló. There are better and better festivals, meetings, outdoor events waiting for our guests. Be part of a vibrant life! Visit Hajdúszoboszló and choose Hotel Spring. The relaxation is guaranteed.