Hunguest Hotels Ltd. Hotel Béke - Hungest Hotel Béke**** Wellness- and Medical Hotel

Name: Hungest Hotel Béke**** Wellness- and Medical Hotel

Operator: Hunguest Hotels Ltd. Hotel Béke

Address: H-4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Mátyás király s. 10.

Tel:  + 36 52/361-411

Fax:  +36 52/361-759



Opening hours:  All year around

General Information:

Four-star convenience

The Hunguest Hotel Béke and Spa awaits the guests with four-stair convenience. A part of the 204 rooms with air-conditioning, modern furniture and appliances has been developed to meet the special requirements of the physically handicapped. With the exception of two, each room has a balcony and an own, adjustable air-conditioning equipment, LCD television set, telephone, mini bar, security vault and a hair dryer installed in the bathroom.

In the apartment house next to the hotel building there are 20 apartments apt for receiving 2-4-6 member families, each with an independent kitchen and dining room.


The air-conditioned restaurant suitable for seating 300 guests offers both all-you-can-eat and a' la carte meals. In addition to the traditional Hungarian and international cuisine, special courses are also available (low carbohydrate content, lactose or gluten-free meals).

Our restaurant, the lobby bar, the “Hajdú” conference hall equipped with modern technical devices and the three new section rooms capable of seating 20, 60 and 80 people with lines of seats offer the opportunity of holding different events (training in small groups or conferences) on a high level.
X-box room in the lobby, play room and open-air play ground provide for diversion of the children.

Wellness and sauna world

The own spa of the hotel awaits its guest with a pool with medicinal water, a swimming pool, a fun pool,  a pool for children and with an open-air medicinal pool and a classic swimming pool.


Number of rooms: 203, of which 24 suites, 2 special double rooms  and 2 special suites for physically disabled persons, 158  double rooms, 3 connecting rooms, 18 singlerooms..

The rooms equipped with air conditioning and provided with modern furniture and appliances
is specifically developed for the physically handicapped. Each room will have its own adjustable air conditioning equipment, bath room, LCD television set, mini bar, mini security vault, and free Internet access. Nearly each room will have an own balcony or terrace. 


In the air-conditioned restaurant you can have buffet breakfast, menus or different meals a’ la carte.
It offers Hungarian, international and dietetic dishes, too. 
In the lobby you will find a drinkbar. Room service is available.


- Lobby bar
- in the Lobby a play room for children
- Xbox room
- Internet Corner
- Business Center
- Fax
- Photocopying
- Drugstore
- Hairdresser's
- Cosmetic
- Pedicure-Manicure
- Hostess
- Left luggage
- Air-conditioned common premises
- Parking lot
- C/C accepted
- Payment conditions: at arrival with credit card or cash


Thanks to the tested and qualified medicinal water, more than forty treatments will be available with medical attention, including several medicinal massages, mud-cure, underwater jet massage, medicinal gymnastics, inhalation, soft-laser, and the full palette of electro- magnet and light therapies.

The development of town Hajdúszoboszló was stimulated by the wonderful medicinal water found 80 years ago by the searching activity of geologist dr. Ferenc Pávai Vajna. During the past seven decades our spa became world famous. With the significant developments of the last years, we have been making serious efforts to raise our facilities on European niveau, we can even give the sick people their joy for life back, futhermore: we can provide unforgottable relaxation for more and more families in our spa and entertaining water centre. We hope that providing quality services on European standards we will be able to receive any nation's visitors, and serve as good example in the society of Hungary's legendary spas.

In 1925, Hajdúszoboszló, during a search - drilling for oil ; thermal water appeared from the depth, 1100 m, at 75 OC. According the analyses it turned out that the water contained iodine, bromine, salt, hydrocarbonate as well as bitumen ( including oestrogen ) and different trace elements: vanadium, copper, zinc, silver, strontium, barium, lead.

Bath cures in our spa have beneficial effcct at presence of the following illnesses:

1. Chronic joint inflammation ( polyarthritis chr. sec. )
2. Degenerative joint problems ( arthrosis )
3. Different acute inflammatory degenerative problems of spine ( spondylosis M. Bechterew; chondrosis )
4. Chronic problems, inflammations of the nervous system ( neuralgia; neuritis )
5. Rehabilitation from Heine - Medin desease; cerebral haemorrhage, brain operation or follow - up treatment from any paralyses.
6. Acute muscle pains ( myalgia )
7. Rehabilitation from general and sport injures
8. Stimulates appearance of callus in case of bonebreaks - being recovered with difficulties
9. Certain locomotor disorders.
10. Chronic gynaecological problems
11. Infertility
12. Acute skin problems


Visit the spa as a bather is not recommended for those who are suffering from the following deseases:

1. Acute inflammatory deseases
2. Any forms of cancer or fargone malignant tumor
3. Circulatory disorder
4. Serious raise of blood - pressure
5. Tubercolosis deseases
6. Serious illness of central nervous system
7. Epidemy
8. Epidemic skin desease
9. And also for those who are pregnant


A fun pool, a pool with medicinal water, a swimming pool and a family pool can be found in the own spa of the hotel. The open-air medicinal pool and the classic swimming pool operated in the peak season.

"Sauna World" will be a novelty where in addition to different wellness massages (Swedish massage, cosmetic lymph massage, Shi-Tao lava rock massage, Thai massage, honey massage), each service (infra-sauna, aroma chamber) may separately be utilized both with the bathing suit on and naked, which is unique in Hungary.