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Name: Hotel Atlantis ****superior Medical Wellness and Conference

Operator: K. V. Property Investment and Selling Ltd.

Address: H-4200 Hajdúszoboszló, Damjanich u. 10.

Phone:  + 36 52/899-930

Fax:  + 3652/ 899-920

E-mail: info@hotelatlantis.hu

Web: www.hotelatlantis.hu

Opening hours: All year around


General Information:

The hotel is the newest hotel of Hajdúszoboszló. It was bulit near the Aqua-Palace indoor aqua park and the famous city spa. There are 97 rooms int he modern building. In its 900 m2 wellness area, a thermal pool, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi and a kid’s pool can be found. A sauna land and a fitness room are also available in order to your relaxation. Events are available up to 200 people.


Hungarian people claim that smart wives keep their husbands by catering them…

The chefs of Atlantis have the same philosophy since their mission is to increase the culture of culinary delights, the cooking methods and catering to the level of arts. The restaurant is proud to offer a wide range of the Hungarian cuisine’s delicacies with traditional flavours created with the unique style of Atlantis which provide divine experience to all guests.

The dishes made with sous vide technology guarantee the perfect harmony of flavours and texture.

Sous vide is a cooking technique that applies precise temperature control, reduces oxidation and increases the shelf life of ingredients by minimizing the contact of the food and the bacteria in the air. The result is excellent delicacies with intense flavor and quality.

The vacuum technology prevents the evaporation of the flavors from the food, the low temperature prevents the destruction of proteins, so that the food could retain its original texture.

The dishes prepared with this method will keep their freshness, vitamins, minerals their vibrant flavors and become healthier and more enjoyable.

If you liked our dishes please make us a good reputation in the world since that means the appreciation and self-esteem to us.

I suggest you taste! Enjoy your meal!

Spa and Wellness

Everybody can find a way to enjoy the relaxation in the 900 m 2 wellness area of the hotel. A swimming, thermal, kid’s and a special pool equipped with light and entertainment elements help you heal and unwind in a large area illuminated by natural light. From the intimate pool area you can get to the outdoor pool by going up the stairs, where sunbeds can also be found.


In the sauna department Finnish sauna, infrasauna, biosauna, steam bath, ice and salt cabin, massage rooms, showers with entertainment elements and a relaxation area can be found.
The refreshment is completed with different kinds of sauna seances, massage treatments and aqua-fitness programs.
The wellness area can be used not only by hotel guests.

Represents a pleasant atmosphere and well being both in the dry and the steam sauna.

The thing which differes it from a traditional sauna use is that the sauna master creates a friendly atmosphere where people can chat or tell jokes.

Each session takes 12-15 minutes which is followed by the cooling, resting and relaxation phase.
During each seance the sauna master is with the guests and is continously pouring aromatic water on the stove guaranteeing the acclimatisation of the guests.

She also aimes to provide personal ventillation by stirring the air around each guests with a towel. It helps in resolving stress by the production of endorphin hormones.

Seances are always organised within the framework of programs. Each program has its own appeal. Regardles of doing it alone or with company sauna seances are real team activities. With the initiation of the sauna master the guest usually end up having informal conversations.

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