Mezőtúr City Council-Mezőtúr Open Air Bath and Swimming Pool

Name: Mezőtúr Open Air Bath and Swimming pool

Operator: Mezőtúr City Council

Address: H-5400 Mezőtúr, Fekete István utca 1.

GPS coordinates: 47° 0’ 26.6” N 20° 36’ 44.2” E

Phone:  + 36 56/350-684



Opening hours:

Summer opening hours: 9:00-19:00

Winter opening hours: 6:00-20:00


General information:

The Bath is located at the entrance of Erzsébet bosket. The area of 2,5 hectar is completely parked. There can be found a continuous green area which is excellent for sports besides shade-trees, ornamental shrubberyies. On the green arae beach football, beach volleyball and handball competitions can be organized. There can be found a fishing lake far away from the noise of the city which provides a quiet, calm environment for everybody. The fisher men also can follow their passion there.

Therapeutic effect:

Our qualieid 36-40 thermal water contains alcali-hydrogen-carbonate which is excellent for rheumatic , locomotor and gynecological diseases’s post-treatment.

It’s high salinity has a good impact on certain skin problems. It is primarily recommended for who suffers from spine, hip and knee-joint scleroses. It is also recommended for locomotor’s rehabilitation.

Facility description:

Currently we provide swimming, thermal and bath pools for our guests.

We have extended our facilities at the indoor area with two thermal pools and a Finnish sauna.

Indoor pools:

2 indoor pools 25 x 15m,  540 m3

outdoor pools: medencék:

Thermal pool: 192 m3, 32-36 C°

Adventure pool: 320 m3, 28-30 C°

Baby pool: 5m3

Swimming pool: 50x22 m, 1800 m3, 26 C°

Finnish sauna

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