Mezőtúr Industrial Park Ltd.

Name: Mezőtúr Industrial Park

Address:  H-5400 Mezőtúr, Kossuth square 1.

Phone: +36 56/550 – 669, 30/742 - 0528

Fax:  +36 56/350 - 97




General Information:

Mezőtúr Industrial Park possesses areas that are excellent for industry and product production with adequate infrastructure, The surroundings are clean and ordered, where the possibility of the optimal factory location and additional developments is provided.

The areas are free and clear of liens, claims and ecumbrances. They are not under any prohibition and control.  The build up density is maximum 45 %.  Activities of pollution can not be performed.

 Service description:

The area (areas) can be conductitious, bought and special leasing can be fixed also. We are willing to have special deals through additional comparisons in the knowledge of the investment and the number of employment. We provide special, unique services for the settler companies. We organize the settler companies’ issues with above average speed, without burocracy.  

We lead the work of the City Development Project Management Organization, have started the devepolment of programs for project lookout, preparation and development. megkezdtük We deal with event organization and accommodation as well.