Oxigén Hotel **** and ZEN Spa, Noszvaj

Name: Oxigen Hotel ****Superior and ZEN Spa, Noszvaj

Üzemeltető: Szaktudás Kiadó Ház Ltd.

Cím:  H-1142 Budapest, Erzsébet királyné street 36/b

GPS coordinates: 47.9152944389, 20.4802181674

Phone: +36-36-563-300

E-mail: info@oxigenhotel.hu

Web: www.oxigenhotel.hu

Opening hours: All year around


General Information:

Oxigen Hotel ****Superior and ZEN Spa, Noszvaj, you can experience unique forest adventures and wellness activiteis. We are waiting for our guests in a 4 hectare ancient park with beautiful hotel building built in English rural style. Our wellness hotel is located about 10 km from Eger, deep in a forest. Already at the border of Noszvaj rejuvenation is nearly palpable as Noszvaj has the clearest air in Hungary. Uniqueness and energy characterize the whole hotel and its surroundings.

Service description:


On the menus of the Oxygen Hotel****superior Family & Spa restaurants, the delicate dishes of Hungarian cuisine are predominantly enlisted, in a re-considered manner. The guests can select hand made dishes, game specialties besides the flavors of Hungarian cuisine from the buffet table reflecting the age of our grandmothers. The constant quality is guaranteed by the modern, kitchen technology-related tools and our excellent chef.

The wine list offers predominantly the wines of the excellent wineries in the region of ’Eger’, rosé, red and white wines.

At our Sian Grill Terrace, we are welcoming our guests with freshly grilled dishes,  light salads and cooling, summer drinks. lemonades and cocktails. In the period between spring and autumn, it feels good to have a light lunch int he shades of trees in case of pleasant weather. We also serve our guests arriving with small children at the garden tables placed next to the playground. After dinner, we offer our pleasant wines, cool beers or refreshing cocktails as accessories to intimate conversations.

Our Porcelain Restaurant is such a separate hall where participants of business events-, social gathering, family programs can enjoy the fine taste of our dishes, pleasant drinks and the company of one other, being separated from the other guests. Its naming truly reflects its elegance. So, it not incidental that it is chosen as the place for wedding dinners.

The noises of children playing in the corner established right next to the restaurant ensure the cheerful atmosphere. We are not only welcoming the children with their favorite dishes at the smorgasbord for children but also with the two-level, 10 square meter sized recreation castle made from bricks, which is of course filled up with toys.

We consider it important that the parents would also be able to eat comfortably and in a calm atmosphere; that is why we decided to establish our newest playing corner having direct access to the restaurant since the children soon get bored sitting at the table when their belly is already full. Child all-inclusive service with popular flavors for the kids: we are pleasing them with semolina pudding, French toast, spaghetti and lots of other delicacies but of course, they can choose child portions from the adult menu as well int he restaurants of our child friendly wellness hotel.

We have also placed a few small tables and chairs as well in the playing corner, next to the child smorgasbord because we know exactly that the little ones feel themselves the best in the mini world. Being surrounded with toys, more is consumed from the fine morsels, especially with the cheerful and colorful child utensils. Fine morsels, playful surroundings, laughter and comfort; what else could a child friendly restaurant be about, which serves its little guests from morning till evening?




Is your soul in harmony? Or you do not even have time for your own thoughts?

Predominantly, women demand that their soul should be pampered as well. But every one deserves to have a relaxation, his/her mind and body be filled up with energy and to feel even younger than years before after leaving our ZEN Spa. For this, you will find the proper environment in the realm of the Oxygen Hotel**** Superior Family & Spa in Noszvaj..


Next to Eger, in the bath of the Oxygen Hotel**** Family & Spa located at Noszvaj, tranquility and harmony can be palpable, it can be felt when you are filled up with energy and the two of these together also have healing power.

The ZEN Spa swimming pool gives a feeling as you were swimming in a special fortress, the sides of which look rocky and the pleasant, salty, tepid, swimming-and bathing water falls down in a form of waterfall from these sides. It differs from most of the traditional swimming pools due to its salt water effect, which does not include chlorine and skin irritating substances. The pool is 20 meters long; it gets wider in the middle where the depth of the water is also favourable for the children hereby making the first, vague swimming motion possible for them as well. While swimming, you can look onto the Zen Garden from the pool where the invading rays of the sun make the swimming a sunbathing. You can relax after the swimming or bathing in the rest room, which was established with a grade difference and has a discreet atmosphere and a round panorama. From there, you can also look onto the ZEN garden while comfortable stretching out.


"A taste of Japanese tee ceremony with original Japanese tee leafs”-this sentence arises everyone’s interest, ecspecially those who consume tea int he usual, Hungarian manner. Hot water, cup (with other words, jug), throw tea filter into it, sugar, possibly lemon, too, mix it up and consume it- admit it, this can hardly be called as ceremony.


The Finnish sauna in the wellness gives the excellent experience of detoxification, which was solved here in a quite special way: sitting behind its huge glass area in the 85-95 C degree heat.  You can enjoy the snowy landscape in winter and the vital, green landscape in summer. This sauna experience is not only a sauna, this is in itself a ZEN Spa sauna experience. The Infra sauna is a salt chamber in itself; here your body gets revitalized in 30 minutes: your cells get cleaned out, rejuvenated, the toxic materials are emptied quickly. Enjoy the cleaning, cellulite decreasing and smoothing effect on your skin! Ask for switching it on from the colleagues working in the wellness area from 10.00 a.m-20.00 p.m. Your lungs will feel the clean air of the salt and you will be grateful for this time and can be sure that you have done something for your health.

The steam cabin is not a usual one, either! Intensive experience, which cleanses and detoxifies you. it has 50°C humidity and atmosphere. Please, read our sauna etiquette and advice on sauna in the ZenSpa.


The ZA ZEN meditation serves both the relaxation of the body and the tranquility of the spirit. Even already after the first try of the meditation program, you can feel the relief, the inner piece, the relaxedness and because of all these, the whole world seems to be more beautiful and we can enrich ourselves with a special esoteric experience.


According to the eastern Ayurveda philosophy, the humans consist of the threefold unity of body, spirit and soul. Our body treatments follow this intellectuality. In our hotel, both our hotel guests and external guests can claim the following services! By following the eastern Ayurveda philosophy, our body treatment facilitate the creation of the harmony between the human body, spirit and soul. The treatments of the beauty cosmetics and hairdressing serve the comfort, the relaxation and beauty.


Create the harmony in your body, soul and spirit! The far east forms of exercise are specifically suitable for the prevention because those take the structure, functions of the body into consideration as well as the psychological and meditative effects of exercise.

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