PipeLife Hungaria Plastic Industrial Ltd.

Name:  PipeLife Hungaria Plastic Industrial Ltd.

Address: H- 4031 Debrecen Kishegyesi street 263.

Phone:  + 36 52/510-700

Fax:  + 36 52/510-701

E-mail: info@pipelife.hu

Web: www.pipelife.hu

General Information:

Pipelife is one of the world’s leading suppliers of plastic pipe systems, currently present in 26 countries. We manufacture and market a wide range of quality pipe systems. Pipelife Company is one of the leadership companies worldwide in the production of plastic pipe systems for water, sewage and gas transport according all European standards.
Pipelife Bulgaria EOOD is a part of the company Pipelife with its headquarters in Austria, which is an ownership of Wienerberger (Austria).The company spread out on three continents, having 29 plants in 28 countries.
Pipelife’s activity is oriented to permanent improving of its products and enlargement the production and trade distribution. Pipelife’s systems have a good application as in the municipal and industrial sector and in the private constructing.