Püspökladány City Council– Püspökladány Health Spa Center

Name: Püspökladány Health Spa Center

Operator: Püspökladányi Városüzemeltető és Gyógyfürdő Ltd.

Seat:  H-4150 Püspökladány Kossuth u. 26.

Address: H-4150 Püspökladány Petőfi u. 62

GPS coordinates: 47.3212823284; 21.1071196739

Tel: +36-54-450-946

Fax: +36-54-450-944

E-mail: plgyogy@enternet.hu

Web: www. pl-varosuzemelteto.hu/gyogyfurdo

Opening hours:

Summer opening hours: 8.00-20.00

Winter opening hours: 8.00-19.00

General information:

„The medical water of Püspökladány is the natural treasure of  Sárrét”

The Spa is waiting for all the members who wish to relax and recover all the year around. The Health Center is accessble for handicapped as well. The Health Center offers physiotherapy and balneotherapy treatments for the patients. With the combination of different cures the state of the health can be increased gradually.

Besides the daily treatments sauna, solarium, pedicure, refreshing massage, reflex-zone massage, aromatherapy with diffrent aromatic massage oils and chocolate massage, tufa massage for the guests and cosumers.

In the indoor area there is a 49m2 thermal pool of two different water temperature , underwater medical gym and weight bath.

Therapeutic effect: 

Our thermal water is primarily recommended for locomotor diseases such as shoulder, back, sturdy, knee and ankle pain. The 32 ºC and the 36ºC pools are perfect for rehabilitation treatments, in addition for prevention of the diseases mentioned above.

Facility description:

Wide pallet of physiotherapic and balneotherapic treatments are in service between our curative services for our guests who wish to relax and heal. With the combination of different cures the state of the health can be increased gradually. Besides our curative treatments there are numerous wellness facilities waiting for our guests.

curative bath in tub, weight bath, mud-treatment, effervescent bath, curative massage, underwater gym, individual dry-land gym, electronic bath treatment, 4 shaped hidrogalvan, ultrasound treatment, other electronic treatments. Foot massage, pedicure, tuff and aromatherapic massage, Finnish sauna and solarium.

Indoor pools, outdoor pools, curative treatments, Finnish sauna, massages, light therapy.

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