Termal-Medical Ltd. - Thermalhotel Martfű***

Name: Martfű Thermal SPA

Address: 5435 Martfű, Ifjúság u.2.

Operator: Termál-Medical Zrt.

GPS coordinates: GPS: 47.01920,20.27525

Phone: 56/452-416

Fax: 56/580-519

E-mail: info@spamedical.hu

Web: www.martfuspa.hu

Opening hours: The bath is open all year around, the places for campers are seasonal.


General Infromation:

Martfű Thermal Spa is located on the bank of River Tisza in a protected natural area. The microclimate created by the bend in the river, the flora and fauna of the floodplain and the quite atmosphere of the little town provide a relaxing environment for guests with family or bussines travelers. Our high quality services have been awarded many times. Our wellness and Conferenc Center offeres a location of high standards for the most diffrent type of events.

In the 33m sportpool of our bath the national waterpolo team had trainings, also divers have used it several times for trainings.

Our thermal pools offer healing and regeneration for the body and soul.

The children can enjoy themselves and the joy of playing in the children’s pool and palying houses.

Martfű Thermal Spa the pearl of Tisza River

Hotel, apartment, bungalow, kuria, thermal bath and swimming pool

Termálhotel Martfű*** is famous of its thermal water. The hotel -which has gotten the new superior class-is waiting for our old and new guests with the same quality, kindness and prizes.

Therapeutic effect:

The 62 Celsius degree hydrogen-carbonat, natrium-clorid iodic, bromic, fluorid thermal water is effective to cure and moderate the pain and problems of the below diseases.

  • locomotor diseases, arthritis, arthosis, the bonsystem and the spine’s diseases
  • tendonitis, chronic myalgia
  • postoperation-treatment
  • gynecological problems
  • it has good impact on nervous system diseases

Our thermal water is not recommended for other inflamed diseases, TBC, malign tumor, high bloodpresure, contractable illness, pregnancy, in case of alcoholic status

Facility description:

Our bath- which is directly bulit with the hotel- has 5 indoor (two thermal pool and 3 cold water pool)  and 3 outdoor pool (two thermal pool and one cold water pool). There can be found 4 diffrent sauna, bubble bath, ice cave, Kneipp pool, refreshing pool, relaxation spaces and sunbathing terrace in our unique Swedish wellness section. Besides these facilities saltcave, fitness room, X-box room, playhouse are waiting for our guests. Our bigger conferenc hall is suitable for host 250 guests. The lovers of fishing can enjoy their passion staying at apartments next to the lake. They can fish in Martfű Termál SPA fishing lake or in Tisza river.

Our treatments: mud-pack, curative gym, therapeutic massages, under water massage, curative swimming.


Nearby Accommodation:

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