Thermal and Open Air Bath of Berekfürdő

Name: Thermal and Open Air Bath of Berekfürdő

Operator: Berek-Víz Ltd.

Address: H- 5309 Berekfürdő Berek tér 11.

Phone: +36 59/519-029

             +36 59/519-030

Fax: + 36 59/319-302



Opening hours: Open all year around


01 of January. – 30 of April :

Monday- Thursday: 08:00-18:00

Friday- Saturday: 08:00-19:00

Sunday: 08:00-18:00

01 of May – 31 of August :

Monday- Sunday: 8.00 - 20.00

01of September – 30 of September:

Monday- Sunday : 8.00 - 19.00

01 of October – 31 of December :

Monday- Thursday: 08:00-18:00

Friday- Saturday: 08:00-19:00

Sunday: 08:00-18:00



General information:

Berekfürdő is one of the oldest and most famous bath with thermal water in Hungary. The thermal water well was established by Francis Pávai Vajna famous scientist and geologist, commissioned by the leaders of the town of Karcag. Our thermal bath si still famous for its excellent qualit of thermal water. We are waiting for our guests with 5 outdoor thermal pools, one swimming pool and a beautiful childrens' pool. From 2014 our guests can also use a 500m2 youth pool. Our 2 indoor pools are totally reconstructed and a childrens' and youth pool was built in 2015. Our guests are able to enjoy all of our high quality services also in winter time. 

Therapeutic effect:

The special thermal components are recommended primarly for rehabilitation after accidents and musculoskeletal diseases ( spine, hip, knee joint calcifications). Rheumatic diseases, nervous fatigue are also indicated. The drinking treatment reduces heartburn, relieves stomach upset. The water is alkaline PH value of 8.2. 

Facility description:

According to the needs our guests can resort the weight bath, the curative massage, the electrotherapy and the under-water spout massage facilities.

We provide also prescribed treatments by rheumatology doctor, supported by the social insurance. There can be found Finnish sauna, pedicure and manicure beside the curative facilities.

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