University of Debrecen

Name: University of Debrecen

Address:  H-4032 Debrecen, Egyetem tér 1.

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University of Debrecen

The University of Debrecen is a leading and prominent institution of higher education in Hungary. It is not only at the forefront of Hungarian and international education but also active in the fields of research, innovation and development, and enjoys fruitful links with the business sector. The ever-changing social and economic environment demands continuous renewal from the institution and there is a constant need to adapt to new requirements. The University of Debrecen’s mission is to contribute to the education of future generations in cooperation with Hungarian and international partners, with high-quality interdisciplinary programs, and research built on versatile and practical experience. As the most popular higher education institution outside the capital, it offers academic programs, conducts research, and provides RDI opportunities in the fields of agricultural sciences, humanities, health sciences, law, economics, engineering, educational sciences, medical sciences, social sciences, natural sciences, art, and music. Besides education, the institution also provides European-quality patient care with comprehensive services to fulfil its obligations in the city, county, and region and often on the national level as well.

The University of Debrecen is also renowned internationally: in Hungary this is where the greatest number of international students study, coming here from all parts of the world; the university also occupies prestigious positions in international rankings due to the academic work and success of our faculty and researchers involved in international projects. It now features among the top 200 universities in several disciplines in the QS rankings.

Besides being known as one of Hungary’s influential intellectual centers, the University of Debrecen, as a research university and a key institution in the region, is also present in the business sector and the social-economic life of the city council, as well as Hungary in general.

Our Hungarian and international students who complete a program here are successful in their lives and are acknowledged in their professional careers. Research projects at the university contribute to the development and better understanding of the world. Our RDI activities have brought recognition not only from the business sphere but from other universities as well.

The mission of the university is to remain an intellectual and economic center with its development and innovation projects, educational, research, and scholarly achievements, of which students, instructors, researchers, and all the other members of the university community can be rightly proud.