VITKA Nonprofit Ltd.-Szilva Thermal- and Wellness Bath

Name: Szilva Thermal- and Wellness Bath

Operator: VITKA Nonprofit Ltd.

Address: 4800 Vásárosnamény, Beregszászi út 1/b.

Phone: 45/570-122, 45/470-180

Fax: 45/570-122, 45/470-180



Opening Hours:

Monday-Saturday: 09:00-21:00

Sunday:09:00 - 20:00

General information:

Szilva Thermal and Wellness Bath is located in the north-eastern part of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county, 54 km far from Nyíregyháza, near the slovakian-ukranian border. The town of Vásárosnamény is known as the town of baths and the gate of Bereg. The town is located at the junction of Tisza, Szamos and Kraszna rivers. Everybody who wants to relax can enjoy the services of Szilva Thermal and Wellness Bath, bulit in 2008, all year around.

Therapeutic effect:

The thermal water comes from 700 m deep with 45 degrees Celsius. This alkali-carbonate thermal water contains high level of sodium, chloride, and sulfate. Active ingredients are highly recommended to gasrointestinal disease. Perfect for treatment of arthritis and chronic gynecological disease, and promotes the healing of vascular disease and is recommended for recreational purposes.  

Facility Description:

We are waiting for our guests all year around with three indoor pools (thermal, swimming and baby pool) and one outdoor pool. The Bath was named by the treasure fruit of Bereg Szilva. The alkali-carbonate 45 degree Celsius thermal water comes from 700 m deep and contains high level of sodium, chloride and sulfate. From the indoor thermal pool with 36 degree celsius thermal water guests can walk to the outdoor area through a coverd corridor. In the outdoor pool water-jets, bubble beds, bubble baths increase the beneficial effects of the warm thermal water. The small kids can spend unforgettable minutes in the water kindergarden. The lovers of swimming can enjoy the 16 m long and 120 cm deep swimming pool. The wellness services of the bath help to refresh the body and soul of our guests. Thanks to the relaxing bubblepool, the wet and dry sauna, the steam room, in addition the refreshing and detoxication effects of diffrent massages the body of our guests will reborn. Salt room, solarium, infra sauna and 10 diffrent pension are in service for your guests.

Nearby Accommodation:

Pension with 10 spaces in the area of Szilva Bath