The goal of Thermal – Health Industrial Cluster is to develop and increase the competitiveness of Eastern Hungarian tourism. The cluster has a leading role in the region and cooperates with many partners such as the University of Debrecen, Hungarian Tourism Ltd., Tourism destination management organizations of the region, Tourinform offices, tourism companies and foreign organizations.

The region has a significant amount of thermal and therapeutic water resource. The number of thermal water wells giving water warmer than 30 degrees celsius is 213 which are 16 % of thermal wells in Hungary. About 40 % of the operating wells are used for balneology purposes in 35 towns and in total 48 Baths. There are 3 qualified health resorts in the northern- great plain region which are Debrecen, Hajduszoboszlo and Nyiregyhaza. In addition 9 qualified therapeutic baths and 27 baths with qualified therapeutic water offer high quality services.

Between 2007 and 2013 several development projects, based on thermal therapeutic water, took place in the area. As a result of these projects health tourism supply is outstanding in Hungary. 

The biggest bath institution in Europe is located in Hajduszoboszlo which deals with the biggest guest traffic among baths in the eastern part of the country.

The University of Debrecen plays an important role in medical tourism boost. The main goal is to connect private medical care with services based on the therapeutic effect of thermal water and form integrated service packages which are available for sale. 

Besides Hajduszoboszlo, there are further bath institutions offering high quality services among our cluster members, such as Cserkeszolo, Martfu, Balmazujvaros, Kisujszallas and Hajdunanas baths or also baths of Polgar and Hajduboszormeny.

Also nowadays there are several service related development projects lead by the members of the sector. The area is a popular destination among national and international tourists.